Kids Duathlon


For 2021 we have made some changes to the kids race which will run at each of the five events. 

We have split the kids into two age groups

5-9 years and

10-12 years.

Age is taken at day of event.

Start time: 11.30am 

Each age group will race a different distance

  • 5-9 years will do a 500m run (1 lap), 1.5km ride and finish with a 500m run

  • 10-12 years will do a 1000m run (2 laps), 2.4km ride and finish with a 1 lap run of 500m. 

We have also introduced a significant incentive of a $1000 donation which will be made to the school that has the highest percentage of entrants based on their school roll. 

You can enter your child in individual events for $10, or if you enter before the series starts on 2nd May, you can enter the whole series for half price. 

500m run 1 lap.JPG

Run Course

1 lap = 500m

1.5km Cycle.JPG

1.5km Cycle Course

Out and back on Forest Hills Track (Gravel Rd)

2.4km Cycle.JPG

2.4km Cycle Course

Out on Forest Hills Track (Gravel Rd)

Return via Rifle Range MTB Track